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  • Buddha Board Enso Infinite Art

    Buddha Board Enso Infinite Art

    It’s rare to come across something that you’ve never seen before or experienced anything like it. The Buddha Board Enso definitely caught my eye! Imagine drawing, painting and writing on a board with a water brush and creating images with a rich, inky Japanese look. As the water slowly evaporates, your art will magically disappear […]

  • Create Your Own Comic Book

    Create Your Own Comic Book

    One of the most wonderful things you can do for any child is to nurture their creativity and allow them to create. Superheroes and their incredible powers make us imagine what could be possible IF… Many children and teenagers are obsessed with Marvel and DC comics and superheroes. They read the comic books and/or watch […]

  • Unique Knitted Metal Jewelry

    Unique Knitted Metal Jewelry

    My grandmother knitted throughout her lifetime. She tried to teach me, but I never really showed much interest. Oh, how I wished I had learned because you never know when old skills can turn into new talent. This past Mother’s Day weekend, my husband, Randy, and I attended an arts festival in our community. Over […]

  • Unique Custom Painted Shoes

    Unique Custom Painted Shoes

    Do you have Hamilton fever? I haven’t seen the musical yet, but I’m obsessed with the soundtrack. I have my niece, J’menii, to thank for getting me hooked on Hamilton. This same young lady has a thing for Converse sneakers. I’m not exaggerating when I say she has more than 10 pairs of Converse shoes […]

  • Caricatures Make Fun Birthday Party Favors

    Caricatures Make Fun Birthday Party Favors

    When planning my son’s second birthday party, I knew there would be more adults than kids at the event. Kids don’t really have BFFs at that age. So I needed something to make the party fun for both adults AND kids. I first met Hector Lopez at the Oklahoma City Thunder Fan Appreciation Night when […]

  • Painting of Childhood Home Brings to Life Cherished Memories

    Painting of Childhood Home Brings to Life Cherished Memories

    I bet you can remember in great detail your childhood home. For me, I still remember the wallpaper design in each room. The texture of our brown couch where I spent hours reading my Nancy Drew novels. The large crack that ran across the width of my bedroom door for which I have my younger […]