Unique Knitted Metal Jewelry

My grandmother knitted throughout her lifetime. She tried to teach me, but I never really showed much interest.

Oh, how I wished I had learned because you never know when old skills can turn into new talent.

unqiue-knitted-metal-necklace-jewelry-thoughtful-gift-ideaThis past Mother’s Day weekend, my husband, Randy, and I attended an arts festival in our community. Over the years, we have purchased art, prints, pottery, jewelry and leather goods at this event.

Since we no longer need stuff to hang on the walls or decorate shelves, I’ve become interested in jewelry made by artists. Randy likes to look for unusual artistic designs on leather belts.

Arts festivals are wonderful places to have the opportunity to speak with artists face-to-face. To me, this makes the art more personal.

I’m always on the lookout for jewelry that is different when I spotted a booth by artist Susan Baile of Spiritus Designs.

I ooohed and awed over her necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. I asked her, “What are these made of?” Susan replied, “Metals and I knit them.”

Well… that really piqued my interest!

She went on to say she started knitting at the age of 11.  When Susan retired, she wanted to do something to keep her busy. Since she loved to knit, she found a way to knit metals into jewelry.

Susan lives in Colorado and it was her first show at the Edmond Arts Festival in Oklahoma. Lucky me because I love wearing jewelry handmade by an artist!

Wearable Art Knitted Metal Jewelry

unqiue-knitted-metal-necklace-jewelry-thoughtful-gift-ideaI had a heck of a time choosing, but finally decided on her newest knitted metal necklace design with matching earrings.

Every time I wear my necklace and earrings, I receive so many compliments from people and I’m asked where they can purchase the jewelry.

Luckily, Susan also sells her beautiful unique necklaces, earrings and bracelets made of copper and sterling silver knitted metals online at Spiritus Designs on Amazon.com.

My husband purchased the jewelry for me and as we walked away I said, “Happy Mother’s Day to me!”

We didn’t walk too far when Randy saw a booth full of leather goods. Yep! He purchased a leather belt, and I said, “Happy early Father’s Day!”

Jewelry is like the perfect spice–it always compliments what’s already there.  – Diane von Furstenberg


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