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Have you ever heard of Rustic Cuff? Neither had I until I received one of the brand’s pieces of jewelry as a gift. Carol told me it was all the rage. Where have I been? It’s even made in Oklahoma!

rustic-cuff-exotic-skin-thoughtful-gift-ideaCarol surprised me with a red Rustic Cuff bracelet to celebrate our day together of watching the University of Oklahoma’s Red & White football game with our husbands.

Every time I wear it, I recall fun memories of having a wonderful time with dear friends.

When we got home that evening, I Googled Rustic Cuff to read up on our very own Oklahoma gal. It is a jewelry brand that has become well-known nationwide and is a certifiable phenomenon around Tulsa, Oklahoma.

rustic-cuff-thoughtful-gift-ideaThe owner, Jill Donovan, started off creating the cuffs in her spare bedroom to give to friends and family.

From humble beginnings, the jewelry is now showing up in fashion magazines and trendy blogs. They’re also being worn by celebrities like Kathy Lee Gifford, Miranda Lambert and others. I love homegrown success!

Rustic Cuff offers fun designs and unique styles to choose from that are reasonably priced from $22 and up. The brand sells a variety of beautiful bracelets and cuffs. Some have inspirational sayings and others you can have personalized with someone’s name. There are also cool men’s jewelry!

The jewelry comes in a beautiful gold trimmed turquoise pouch. It’s reminds me of Tiffany’s jewelry boxes and bags.

I love my beautiful sparkly red bracelet and have found a new go-to-for-any-occasion gift. The hard part is to choose which one!

Friendship is truly the best gift ever!

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