Creative T-Shirts for New Dad & Uncle

I’ve known my friend Jody’s two boys since the day they were born. I have watched them grow up to become wonderful young men!

t-shirt-top-dad-thoughtful-gift-ideaI can’t believe her oldest, Austin, is going to be a first-time dad and his brother, Camden, a first-time uncle.

What an exciting times for these young men!

Jody invited me to her future grandbaby’s baby shower and both “Dad” and Uncle were going to be in attendance.

I’ve witnessed throughout their lives how the brothers have always had a close relationship. I wanted to commemorate them both as they experience their new life titles together!

Creative T-Shirts

There are hundreds of creative t-shirts to choose from for such an occasion.

I chose “Top Dad” a replica of the Top Gun movie logoAustin is patriotic and the red, white and blue was perfect for him!

When I was growing up, my uncles were “FUN” so when I saw the “funcle” t-shirt, I knew that was the one for Camden.

The funcle t-shirt also included the wording, Just like a regular uncle, just way cooler. See also “handsome” and “spontaneous!”

Funny too–exactly how I remembered my uncles!t-shirt-funcle-thoughtful-gift-idea

They both got a kick out of their t-shirts with Austin proclaiming the “handsome” part of Camden’s funcle t-shirt was not true.

I loved watching them doing what brothers do–bantering and teasing each other and laughing out loud. It truly made my heart happy.

Eons ago, when my friends and I were having and attending baby showers, men were not invited and that’s a shame. It’s a wonderful family celebration to enjoy together with friends and men shouldn’t miss out.

I’m glad the times have changed to include men in baby showers.

I love the baby reveal parties too. These are happy times to be remembered and cherished.

So let’s remember the men by giving them funny and clever t-shirts that communicate to the world how special they are to the new baby!

Oh…don’t forget about Mom, Aunt, grandmother and grandfather t-shirts. They’re just as cute!

The littlest feet makes the biggest footprints in our hearts.

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