Alternative to Fresh Cut Flowers | Flowering Plant Basket

I have a confession. I tell my husband NOT to buy me flowers.

flowering plant basket

Flowering plants are arranged beautifully in this moss covered basket.

You’re probably thinking, “What’s wrong with her? Does she hate chocolate and unicorns too?”

There’s nothing wrong with me. I love flowers – just not the expensive type that comes in a vase and dies a few days later.

I’ve experienced the thrill of receiving a dozen roses or a spectacular flower arrangement, and I’m good. I treasure those memories, but I don’t need to experience them again.

I tell my husband I’d rather take the money he would have spent on flowers and go shopping with it. Yes, I’ve become practical like that.

In other words, flowers? No thank you. Instead, show me the money, honey!

Let me add, I’m not alone in this. Several of the ladies in my office agree with me and have told their husband the same thing.

Flowering Plant Basket

If you know someone who may be practical like me when it comes to fresh cut flowers, know that you can still buy them flowers as a gift.

Instead of fresh cut flowers, present them with a flowering plant basket! Florists sell them or you can put together your own.

Flowering plants last so much longer than fresh cut flowers. Annuals usually last an entire season and perennials will last for years – unless drought, hail, ice, tornado, or some other type of crazy Oklahoma weather shortens its life span.

A flowering plant basket is a decorative basket containing smaller pots of flowering plants. It creates the same gorgeous effect of fresh cut flowers when giving to someone.

The big difference is that the gift recipient will be able to replant the flowers so they can bloom week after week and month after month.

When it comes to giving flowers, determine someone’s flower preference – fresh cut vs. flowering plant – if they happen to have one. Your gift will be that much more thoughtful!

Just living is not enough… one must have sunshine, freedom and a little flower.  – Hans Christian Andersen

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