Jumbo Magnifying Glasses for PreK+

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Little ones are so inquisitive and love to explore. “What’s that?” is a question parents and grandparents hear all the time. Let children satisfy their own curiosity with magnifying glasses.

jumbo-magnifiers-thoughtful-gift-ideaMagnifying glasses allow kids to see clearly in great detail butterflies, bugs, flowers, leaves, blades of grass, sea shells, rocks and a whole lot more. They will see the world around them like never before!

Pretty much everything under a magnifying glass is much more fascinating don’t you think?

It’s pure wonderment the first time a child sees an object through a magnifying glass. Just watch them place the magnifier over the object and then move it away, over and over again. They will be in awe and probably ask you, “How does that happen?” so be ready with your answer.

I purchased a box of Learning Resources Primary Science Jumbo Magnifiers for Princess Diana’s son, Aiden’s, fourth birthday. The large handle is perfect for his little hands. Each magnifying glass also has a flip-out stand for hands-free use.

The set comes with six 4.5X magnifiers in six different colors. Aiden can take one to his grandparents’ house, keep one in the car (so he can be ready at a moment’s notice!), share with his friends, and still have plenty at home just in case one gets misplaced.

Since Aiden loves being outside and his parents frequently take him on nature walks, he’ll be able to use his magnifying glass on all sorts of insects and plants. I can’t wait to hear about everything Aiden discovers with his magnifying glass!

You never know what you will learn by looking through a magnifying glass.

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