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My son loves the TV show PAW Patrol, so it’s no surprise he picked it for the theme of his 4th birthday party.

paw-patrol-birthday-party-themeI was excited about his choice because each of the pups on the show have really cool personalities and traits. I had a lot of fun planning his birthday party, especially the obstacle course in the backyard.

I believe the most important part of a birthday party are the games or activities. It’s the fun the kids have doing them that will create the most lasting memories. So that’s where I like to put my focus.

Pup Pup Boogie Song & Dance

One of the PAW Patrol episodes features a song called “Pup Pup Boogie.” It’s catchy and makes everyone want to dance. I printed off the Nickelodeon “Pup Pup Boogie” printable spin-the-wheel game. The spinner can land on different puppy moves the kids can do to the music of “Pup Pup Boogie.” The kids did moves like “tail spin” and “puppy pose” while the “Pup Pup Boogie” song played on a continuous loop.

Adventure Course

Each of the PAW Patrol pups have different specialties so I created an outdoor obstacle course for the kids to do. After completing it, each kid earned a PAW Patrol badge. I called it the Adventure Course, and it featured six stations based on the six main characters in the show.

  1. Chase – Run under tunnels and jump over hurdles made of pool noodles
  2. Rubble – Dig for bones in a sand box
  3. Skye – Throw an airplane across a line a certain distance away
  4. Marshall – Spray a water hose at an empty bucket to knock it off a stool
  5. Zuma – Carry a water balloon on a large serving spoon without dropping it
  6. Rocky – Toss bean bags inside a laundry basket

This was by far the biggest hit of the party! The kids wanted to go through the course several times. One kid even said she felt like she was competing in the Kids Olympics!






The centerpiece of my decorations stood larger than life and towered over my son — a PAW Patrol Airwalker Balloon in the shape of Chase. At 54″ in height, it stands more than four feet tall. The kids couldn’t believe how big Chase stood!


I also purchased:

Food, Snacks & Candy


If your child digs PAW Patrol, feel free to use any of these ideas for a birthday party!

It’s time to PAW-ty!

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