Rare $2 Dollar Bills | Birthday Gift

Want to give an affordable and rare gift at the same time? A $2 Dollar Bill will certainly fit the bill!


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My friend, Karen, was turning 60 on her birthday and really not looking forward to it. I wanted to give her something totally unique and definitely something fun. I decided to give her 30 two-dollar bills to equal her age.

When I gave the gift, I explained the rarity of the $2 dollar bill equals the rarity of her beauty inside and out and her qualities to overcome insurmountable odds, to always be the rock for family and friends, to express incredible kindness and a giving spirit, and to find the good in everything.

$2-Dollar-Bill-birthday-thoughtful-gift-ideaShe was totally surprised! Karen asked me how did I find so many! It’s very unusual to see a $2 dollar bill in circulation so I had to search several banks to collect enough two-dollar bills.

Did you know the Continental Congress authorized America’s rarest current denomination of U.S. currency on June 25, 1776?

The rarity of a $2 dollar bill is attributed to low printing numbers and lack of public knowledge of its existence, making it the perfect affordable and rare gift for kids and adults!

You can be rich in spirit, kindness, love and all those things that you can’t put a dollar sign on.  – Dolly Parton


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