A Written Letter to Your Child on Test Day

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Fear. Anxiety. Stress. Pressure. Worry. Children feel some or all of these emotions on test day. These “yucky” feelings can also have a negative impact on their performance. Parents, you can do something about this.

letter from parent to child on test day

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By writing a letter to your child on test day, you can replace these emotions with confidence and positive thoughts. The letter can tell them how much you love them, believe in them and are proud of them.

When your child reads your letter, they will go into the test with a positive mindset that will encourage them to try their hardest and prepare them to succeed. In essence, you’re giving your child the invaluable gift of self-esteem!

My friend, Summer, has a son named Cooper whose teacher asked the parents of the children in her class to write an encouraging note to their child that she could place on their child’s desk on the day of standardized testing.

Summer wrote this letter to her son:


We are so proud of you and know that you will do so great on the tests you are about to take.
Please just take your time and do the best that you can do.
We love you so much!

Daddy and Momma

She personalized the letter even more by including pictures of his favorite athletes and toy characters giving him words of encouragement – like Kevin Durant saying “You got this, man!”

I’m sure Cooper blew those standardized tests away knowing he had the full support of his teacher, parents and Kevin Durant!

“Four very powerful words to say to your child: I BELIEVE IN YOU.”  – Kevin Heath


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