A Clock Design to Match A Hobby or Interest

Isn’t it wonderful when someone knows what they want for Christmas or birthdays? My brother said he wanted a clock with a face that had bar bells to put in his workout room. He wanted to create an atmosphere of motivation.

gym-clock-motivation-thoughtful-gift-ideaI was thrilled to have a gift in mind and immediately went on-line to search. I googled gym clocks and as you can imagine there were lots of sites.

What helped me narrow it down was his request for bar bells. There are many awesome fun clocks to choose from that have words of motivation and pictures of different gym equipment.

I found a gym clock with bar bells that spelled out the word LIFT. Perfect! Not only because that is what he wanted but it is one of his favorite exercises – to lift weights.

I ordered it and within a few days it arrived at my door. Can’t get anymore easy peasy than that!

For curiosity sake, I googled different kinds of hobbies and found clocks for yoga, fishing, tennis, soccer, football, dance, ballet, jazz, music, books, bird watching, dog, cat and horse lovers. You name it and you can find it on a clock. Amazing!

When my brother opened his gift for Christmas he couldn’t believe it. Rod was so excited that he hung it up immediately. He also said the clock was large enough to see it from across the room. A bonus he was not expecting.

Bar bell gym clock – check! Motivation – check! Mission accomplished – check!

The first wealth is health.  – Emerson

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