Rubber Band Powered Magic Flying Butterflies

Looking for a gift idea that will delight and surprise? The rubber band powered magic flying butterflies will do just that!

It’s easy peasy to wind up the rubber band on the butterfly and gently place it in a greeting card or book. When it is opened, out flies a butterfly!

A Smile Will Magically Appear

It’s magical because a guaranteed smile will appear.


Sending a butterfly in a card is a memorable and unique gift. Surprise someone by putting it inside one of the following:

  • Gift card holder
  • Birthday card
  • Get well card
  • Thank you card
  • New job congratulatory card
  • Retirement card
  • Mother’s Day and Father’s Day cards
  • Thinking of you card
  • Anniversary card

For a thoughtful twist, send a butterfly inside an anniversary card and write, “You two still have butterflies for each other!” 

The butterflies can also be used for wedding exits much like bubbles, sparkles or confetti toss? What a fun surprise that would be for the guests!

They make great toys for kids, but adults get a kick out of rewinding the butterfly as much as the kids do! Ageless gifts are the best!

I’ve already used up my packet of butterflies. They were such a hit I’ve ordered more.

Monarch butterflies are amazing creatures. They fly 3,000 miles in the fall from Canada to Mexico (and vice versa in the spring) without losing their way.

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