Celebrate Obscure Holidays

Do you ever need a reason to celebrate? I’ve got hundreds of them for you.

celebrate-obscure-holidays-thoughtful-giftAlmost 365 reasons really because there exists an obscure holiday on almost every day of the year. How is this a thoughtful gift idea?

Because people will love you for turning an ordinary day into an unexpected celebration!

If you work in an office, you’ll be giving your co-workers an opportunity to take a break from staring at their computers to have a little bit of excitement and variety.

Take this scenario. It’s a typical Monday at the office. You surprise everyone with s’mores because it’s National S’mores Day! Your co-workers enjoy eating their delicious snack, and it makes them feel like a kid again thanks to you!

Bosses, supervisors and managers can use obscure holidays related to food (think Sundae Day and Pie Day!) to show some love to their employees.

On Popcorn Day, you could give your friends, family members or co-workers flavored popcorn. Oreo Popcorn is my favorite and it’s easy to make!

You could also place an unpopped bag of popcorn on your co-workers’ desks with a small note about it being National Popcorn Day. They’ll appreciate the snack and the fact that you thought of them, making it a thoughtful gift!

Here is a list of some obscure holidays that would be fun to celebrate. View a more comprehensive list.

Food-related Obscure Holidays

January 19 – Popcorn Day
January 20 – Cheese Lovers Days
January 23 – Pie Day
February 5 – Bubblegum Day
March 14 – Potato Chip Day
May 15 – Chocolate Chip Day
June 3 – Doughnut Day
July 7 – Chocolate Day
August 10 – S’mores Day
October 4 – Taco Day
November 11 – Sundae Day
September 4 – Cookie Day

S’more Obscure Holidays

April 7 – Beer Day
April 23 – Picnic Day
June 8 – Best Friends Day
June 19 – Martini Day
June 27 – Sunglasses Day
July 29 – Lipstick Day
August 9 – Book Lovers Day
September 11 – Grandparents Day

People love gifts that are unexpected. It doesn’t have to be a holiday or someone’s birthday to show people you care about them.

Imagine all the pie-sibilities on National Pie Day January 23. Or the pi-sibilities on Pi Day March 14.

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