Scented Candles Containing Hidden Jewelry

For my sister-in-law Nancy’s 55th birthday, I wanted to surprise her with a gift that would give her a thrill. Jewelry is always fun to receive, but how about one hidden in a candle that you have to burn to find?

candle-hidden-jewelry-thoughtful-gift-ideaI remember as a kid the excitement of finding the prize inside a Cracker Jack box!

During the 1950s & 60s “real” prizes were hidden inside Cracker Jacks instead of paper stickers. I discovered a jeweled ring as one of my hidden treasures and pretended it was my wedding ring!

I remember my kids dumping entire cereal boxes on the kitchen table in order to find the prizes inside. There’s just something exhilarating about finding hidden treasures.

candle-secret-jewelry-necklace-thoughtful-gift-ideaWhoever came up with the idea of scented candles containing hidden jewelry is a genius! The adventure of finding a piece of jewelry brings back the same feelings as when you were a kid searching for a prize.

Nancy immediately began burning her Secret Jewels Candle and within two days found her necklace wrapped in foil. The anticipation of how long it would take to find it and what type of jewelry she would receive made the wait exciting!

She had no idea if it would be a ring, bracelet, necklace or earrings. The only clue given is that the jewelry’s value will be between $10 to $200. Nancy called me with the news she found a necklace! She loved it! 

There are several companies that offer hidden jewelry inside candles at a variety of price ranges. You can’t miss by giving  jewelry, especially one hidden in a candle. For women, it’s a perfect gift for any occasion.

Any time you can give a gift that will make a grown up feel like a kid again, do it!

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