Rubber Band Ball Creative Money Gift

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Rubber band balls make a fun bouncy toy for kids and a great stress reliever toy for adults. But what if the best part is hidden inside?!

rubber-band-ball-creative-money-giftImagine the surprise on someone’s face when they’re told that the rubber band ball they received contains money!

Will they undo all off the rubber bands right away or wait until they’ve had a chance to play with it?

They only way to find out is to give the Rubber Ball Band Money Gift to someone you know!


Items you will need:

  • cash
  • colorful rubber bands
  • golf ball or aluminum foil


  1. Start with a core. You can use a golf ball or create a ball that’s a similar size using aluminum foil.
  2. Wrap your cash around the core as tightly as possible, and then tightly wrap two rubber bands around the cash to hold it in place.
    TIP: Use your smallest rubber bands first.
  3. Continue wrapping more rubber bands in alternate directions so that you form a round ball. Make sure to space the rubber bands evenly so that no one side of the ball is larger than any other.
  4. Add more rubber bands until you can’t see the cash and you’re happy with the size. That’s it you’re done!



In addition to the cash, you can also include a note inside the rubber band ball for them to find. Or give the gift with a message that says, “What counts is what’s on the inside!”

“I view my career like a rubber-band ball in that every role is a new experience building toward something bigger.”  – Jamie Chung

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