Hat Trick Money Gift

A hat is just a hat except when it’s not… because the real gift is hidden inside!

If you want to give a creative money gift or to surprise someone, all you need is a hat. Line the hat band with cash. They’ll think the hat is the entire present until they put it on!

That’s why I call this money gift The Hat Trick!

Have fun with this gift because hats exist in every color and style for men and women of all ages. Think baseball hats, cowboy hats, straw sun hats, fedoras, twill caps and more!

Hat bands do a really good job of keeping the cash in place but if you want to give a brimless hat, such as a stocking cap, you will need to use tape or safety pins.

If you’re giving the gift to congratulate someone, you can write in the card, “Hats off to you!”

Saying you don’t look good in a hat is like saying you don’t look good in shoes!  – Unknown

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