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When someone you love passes away, it’s like a piece of your heart has been taken. We’ve all experienced it, and appreciate those who want to ease our pain.

condolence-wind-chimes-thoughtful-gift-ideaSympathy cards are usually the number one item sent. Thank goodness for Hallmark and other companies that make cards that eloquently express how we feel.

But for those times when you want to do more than send cards or flowers, what can you do?

My mother’s cousin passed away not too long ago. Bob was our favorite cousin hands down or should I say hands up because he was one of the few who knew sign language and could converse with my mother.

Bob, his wife, Ann and their four children, Larry, Beverly, Denise and Mark were intertwined with our family all our lives. We have many wonderful memories and my brothers and I wanted to do more than get a sympathy card.


This Is Our Life

The family asked for pictures of Bob so my brothers looked through Mom’s old photo albums. They found 40 photos and inserted them in an 1954 photo album our mother kept and never used.

We also wanted to give something that would describe Bob’s Christian faith and how much he meant to the family.

I Googled sympathy condolence wind chimes, and was surprised to find so many chimes to choose from.

I also visited our local Christian store to listen to the various wind chimes they carried and decided upon the Amazing Grace Wind Chimes.

It was perfect! Not only was it one of the hymns at his service, the words to the song hang on a wall in their home.

Inside the card I sent Bob’s wife and grown children I wrote:

The tones of the wind chimes are from the opening measures of Amazing Grace. A perfect celebration of your Amazing husband and father!

When the wind blows, you feel the touch of Our Heavenly Father and when the chimes play, hear your husband & father joyfully singing God’s praises.

Remember hugs, cards, flowers, sharing memories of pictures or wind chimes are all acceptable forms of sympathy. Friends and family are comforted when you show you care.

Give a part of your heart to fill the hole of the hearts who are grieving. 

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  1. Darlene, This was a perfect post for me! Having just lost a long time co-worker to cancer and this weekend finding out another long time friend is in hospice for his cancer your timing couldn’t have been better. Thanks so much!

    It was great to see you again in Nashville!!

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