2 Liter Fortune Bottle

Here’s another clever gift idea to give money. It’s the 2 Liter Fortune Cookie Bottle.


Fortune Cookie saying inside bottle cap.

Place candy and money inside a 2 liter bottle. At first, the recipient may be puzzled as to how you placed the candy and money inside. Some may even twist off the cap.

That’s when you say, “Look inside the cap.” There they will find a message similar to a fortune cookie.

Fortune cookies are always fun to open and read. I created “Your fortune is in the bottle” inside the lid for a birthday gift. It’s a great saying for a graduation gift too!

Things you will need:

  • 2 liter bottle
  • Variety of candy. I like “100 Grand” and “Pay Day” candy bars. 
  • Money – bills and coins.
  • Create a large label and gift tag for the pop bottle appropriate for celebrating a birthday, graduation, Christmas or any other occasion. 
  • Create a saying for the inside of the lid by Googling “fortune cookie sayings” for ideas or make up your own
  • Ribbons
  • Scissors and tape
  • Exacto Knife

2-liter-bottle-preparation-thoughtful-gift-ideaUse the Exacto knife to cut a U shape on one side of the bottle. Make it large enough so that when you pull back the plastic you can place your candy and money inside the bottle.

I used size 8 Vani font to create the fortune saying inside the lid. There are many fonts to choose from but the key is using a readable small size font.

I centered the words of the fortune and printed it out. Then I used a pen to draw a circle around the lid. I cut out the circle and trimmed it so it would fit perfectly inside the cap.

Tape the large label you created around the bottle. It will hide the U shape cut. Then tie ribbons around the neck of the bottle to make it look festive.2-liter-fortune-cookie-bottle-cap-thoughtful-gift-idea

Instead of candy, you could make their favorite cookies and completely fill the inside of the pop bottle. (Be sure to wrap the cookies individually to separate them from the money.)

The 2 Liter Fortune Cookie Bottle is definitely an amusing gift, and being able to read your fortune is a bonus!

Don’t worry about money, the best things in life are free.  – Fortune Cookie Saying

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