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It’s not always a superior product or service that makes one business more popular with customers. Sometimes, it’s how a business makes its customers feel.

welcome-to-our-business-handwritten-card-thoughtful-giftSometimes, all it takes is a thoughtful gesture from a business to catch a customer’s attention and create customer loyalty. It happened recently to my husband.

After my husband’s first visit to his new dentist, he received a nice card in the mail from the dental practice.

The front of the card said, “Welcome to Our Practice.” Inside the card, a handwritten note read, “If you ever have any questions regarding your dental treatment or our office procedures, please feel free to give us a call.”


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The father and son who own the practice both signed the card. The card had personal touch written all over it, and it was a novelty!

Neither one of us had ever received a card from any of our dentists before. Come to think of it, we’ve never received a card from any of our other doctors. Have you?

I don’t know why more businesses don’t send “Welcome to Our Business” cards to their customers. It’s such an effective way for businesses to make personal connections with their new customers and to stand out from their competitors.

By sending the card, Kevin’s dentist communicated that he cares about the health of Kevin’s teeth AND wants Kevin to be a satisfied customer.

Let’s estimate that the card and envelope costs around $1. With postage, Kevin’s dentist pays less than $2 to make each of his new customers feel special.

Thoughtfulness doesn’t come with a hefty price tag, meaning we can all afford to be thoughtful.

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