Compact Car Jump Starter | Road Safety

My car battery died after work one day, and thankfully a co-worker came to my rescue.

compact-car-jump-starter-giftHe didn’t use jumper cables.

He used something even better called a compact car jump starter.

It’s better than jumper cables because you don’t need another car to jump you!

Peace of Mind on the Road

Think about it, your battery could die when no other car is around. Or you’re parked in a spot where another car can’t pull up close enough for the jumper cable to reach. In both situations you’re out of luck.

Every car should seriously have one of these! It gives you peace of mind on the road that a dead battery won’t leave you stranded.

A compact car jump starter is so small it can fit in your glove compartment, and it can be used as a USB charger to charge a phone or anything else with a USB cord.

Once a compact car jump starter is charged to 100%, it will keep it’s charge for a year. I put a reminder in my calendar once a year to charge mine.

A compact car jump starter makes a thoughtful gift for anyone who doesn’t have one but it’s also perfect for 16th birthday gifts, graduation gifts and business gifts.

Do not depend on others for safety when you can help yourself.


9 responses to “Compact Car Jump Starter | Road Safety”

  1. Sophie Avatar

    I’m looking for that and reading reviews online. Finally, someone describes it shortly. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Joseph Avatar

    Really it such an informative post. Lovely post! I enjoyed reading it. This looks like the perfect jumping and safety kit for my car. Everyone needs one of these! This is definitely a must have to carry in your car or truck for emergencies!

  3. Frederic Garcia Avatar

    What a great device! Everybody I know could definitely use one of these in their car ….because you just NEVER know! I can’t think how many times this would have helped me out of a bind! Everyone needs this in their car.Especially in the snowy areas.Thanks for your great review of this Multi-Function Jump Starter!

  4. Techy Freak Avatar

    Jump starter are the best helping emergency tool you don’t have to wait for others to come and jump start your car. Just draw out the pocket sized device plug the connection and your engine would start again.

  5. Margaret Avatar

    Wow, really great post. All this information so much useful about car jump starter. I enjoy your gifting idea. Thank you so much for share your informative post.

  6. Jonathan Sager Avatar

    This is a great post & awesome device. The device is very helpful for the vehicle. Your tips are essential. The problem with the charger on the road is very annoying. I’ve benefited from your post. Thanks for sharing the excellent gift post!

  7. Miguel Cardona Avatar

    I would love to give this to my son who is in college. As a parent, I always worry about car break downs.

  8. Vidhan Avatar

    Thanks for sharing this information with us. This information is really interesting and good. Keep sharing this type of articles with us.

  9. SentriForce Avatar

    A jumper pack is an excellent addition to your car or truck’s emergency kit. aside from just giving you the peace of mind to get back on the road quickly they also offer you power on the go for all your electronics.

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