Valentine’s Day Musical Stuffed Animals

When we think of Valentine’s Day, we immediately think of romantic relationships. A close second are Valentine gifts for kids!

stuffed-animal-musical-little-lionheart-hallmark-thoughtful-gift-ideaCute plush stuffed animals are loved by everyone especially if they are interactive and musical.

I needed some birthday cards and stopped at a Hallmark store. As I walked in, I instantly was greeted by the Little Lionheart and Sweet Swingin’ Elephant musical stuffed animals.

My heart melted. What a wonderful way to celebrate Valentine’s Day with a loveable plush toy animal that sings and dances.

I had to have them even though I do not have grandchildren…yet. In my defense, I do know a lot of little ones.

Little Lionheart with his red heart mane is so much fun to watch sing and dance to the song “Wild Thing”.  stuffed-animal-musical-sweet-singin-elephant-hallmark-thoughtful-gift-idea

(Just so you know, that song is a throwback to my youth!)

There’s also a hardcover Little Lionheart Says “I Love You” book that you can give to go with the stuffed animal.

My other favorite Valentine’s Day gift for kids that caught my eye is the Sweet Swingin’ Elephant singing “You Are My Sunshine” with an adorable bluebird sitting on his trunk.

All you have to do is press the button on their foot to start the musical entertainment.

You can find more musical stuffed animals (some even light up with LED lights!) on

Stuffed animals make us happy.  Even my dog has its very own and… yes, its another dog!

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