A Candy Bouquet for Any Occasion

Flowers bouquets are considered a perfect gift for any occasion. Although, realistically, women tend to appreciate the gift of flowers more than men. Not so with candy bouquets. Men, women and children love them equally!

candy-bouquet-edible-giftA candy bouquet is like a flower arrangement except it uses candy instead of flowers.

Think about it. Not everyone has a favorite flower, but everyone has their favorite candy (or candies).

If you’re like me, you have more than one favorite candy. My perfect candy bouquet would contain Twix, Sour Patch Kids, Sweet Tart Gummies, Hershey’s Hugs, and Hershey’s Candy Cane Kisses.

Candy bouquets are a beautiful sight! They look expensive, but they can be created simply and inexpensively.

You can purchase pre-made candy bouquets, but by creating your own you can customize it to contain the gift recipient’s favorite flavors.

You can create small candy bouquets using a coffee mug or big ones using a flower pot. Here’s a quick tutorial.


Items you will need:

  • container with weight to use as a base
  • wooden skewers (Popsicle sticks and strong plastic straws also work.)
  • candy bars and fun size candy
  • floral foam block
  • floral pins
  • tissue paper
  • curling ribbon
  • clear tape
  • scissors


  1. Fill the container with foam so that the foam sticks up above the edge of the container. (If using a clear container such as a vase, fill the container with candy before adding floral foam to the top.)
  2. Cut the tissue paper into squares. Scrunch each tissue paper square in the middle, and then use a floral pin to insert the tissue paper into the outer edge of the floral foam. Add tissue paper around the entire edge of the container.
    TIP: Use different colors of tissue paper and alternate the colors as you go around the edge.
  3. Tape the candy to the skewers.
  4. Arrange your candy bouquet by sticking the skewers into the floral foam. Place items at different heights by cutting the skewers as necessary.
    TIP: Once you’ve finished arranging, cover up any places where floral foam is visible with more tissue paper.
  5. Curl some ribbon with scissors and drape it over the top of the candy or tie it around the skewers to make the arrangement more festive.

Ta da! And that’s how you make a candy lover very happy!

There’s no denying that candy is comfort food and it’s affordable.  – Dylan Lauren

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