Genetic DNA Testing & Analysis Kit

Imagine collecting a wealth of information about yourself, your relatives, and your ancestors based on your DNA.

Do you have to give a blood sample? Nope. Needles not necessary.


With the commercial genetic DNA testing and analysis services available, all you need to do is provide a sample of your saliva. Mail it in, and in several weeks receive a detailed genetics report based on your unique DNA.

DNA testing is very helpful in genealogy and ethnicity research. It essentially allows you to find your genetic family! If you choose, you can connect with the people in 23andMe’s database who share your DNA with you and message them.

DNA Testing Kits

I purchased for my father-in-law, Greg, a 23andMe DNA Testing Kit for Father’s Day. 23andMe based its name on the 23 pairs of chromosomes found in a human cell. Another popular kit is AncestryDNA.

Greg’s last name is Jaeger so I thought he would enjoy learning more about his German roots. Who knows, maybe he’ll be able to reconnect with long lost DNA relatives back in Germany!

As a bonus, whatever he finds out will be useful and interesting information for my husband and the other members of the Jaeger family lineage to learn. How cool if Greg finds out they’re related to someone famous?!

Amazing things have happened using DNA testing kits. Individuals who were adopted have been able to find their biological family. Families have been able to confirm their family’s oral history. Other families have found extended family members. It warmed my heart reading the customer stories on the 23andMe website.

While many people purchase genetic DNA testing and analysis kits for themselves, they also make great gifts for Father’s Day and Mother’s Day. After all, you are you because of your parents’ genes!

It’s good to know where you come from. It makes you what you are today. It’s DNA, it’s in your blood.  – Alexander McQueenIn

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  1. DNA testing is informative and with puzzles it becomes interesting too. When I searched for online DNA analysis servcie provider, i have found which have helped me alot to find biological family roots.

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