World’s Coolest Rain Gauge | Father’s Day Gift

Simply put, my husband enjoys his rain gauge.

worlds-coolest-cooper-rain-gauge-thoughtful-gift-ideaRandy is not only curious about how much it rains, but he also finds it useful to know how much to water the yard and flower beds.

In a previous post for Father’s Day, we purchased Randy a new E-Z Jumbo Rain Gauge to replace his father’s old gauge that eventually became weather worn.

Well… after three years that rain gauge stem broke while inserting it into the ground.

Instead of replacing it with the same brand, I found the World’s Coolest Rain Gauge that features interesting science behind it!

Archimedes of Syracuse, a Greek mathematician, physicist, engineer, inventor, and astronomer, discovered the principle of water displacement, and it is demonstrated in this unique copper rain gauge (aka pluviometer).

Clever Design

It’s clever design allows the water to flow into the copper collection flue which causes the buoyant, foam tube sealed inside to rise, showing water accumulation.

It’s unique design also makes for a fun yard ornament. And it’s made in the USA! Something else Randy enjoys.

I can’t wait for Father’s Day! Randy will find it interesting how the idea for this precipitation collector started thousands of years ago.

The copper rain gauge is a cool gift for Father’s Day and birthdays. Come to think about about it, there are other occasions too, such as gifts for science or math teachers.

The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain.  – Dolly Parton

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