Like Father Like Son | Rain Gauge for Birthday Gift

Why would anyone want a rain gauge? You can Google the rain fall in your area to find out. Do you want to know the answer? It’s because we become our parents.

My husband, Randy, is just like his dad. He talks, walks, thinks and laughs just like him. So it is no wonder he likes the same things as his dad. I just didn’t see it coming!


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When we first started dating, Randy’s great sense of humor attracted me! His mother is funny too so I thought he got his sense of humor from her but through the years I saw glimpses of my father-in-law’s humor. Looks like Randy got it from both of his parents!

Randy’s dad was a “thinker.” He would mull around on a problem for as long as it takes and when he figured it out in his mind, he would fix the problem. Once! That’s it – no do overs.

When we were younger, it would drive the entire family crazy because some of his projects took so long to complete but in the end it was done perfectly. These are the things I see in Randy. He’s a thinker too.

Randy’s dad became our family’s weatherman since he followed the weather and would tell us how much it had rained by using his E-Z Read Jumbo Rain-Gauge

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He also called us at work and informed us of the upcoming snow, ice storm, tornadoes, or heavy thunderstorms so we could plan accordingly to get home early. Randy does the same thing to me now. He even calls our grown sons.

The apple doesn’t fall to far from the tree! Funny how things are different and yet the same.

After Randy’s dad passed away, he kept his dad’s rain gauge. It got so old though it stopped holding the rain. Since Randy is sentimental when it comes to family and traditions , for his birthday I purchased the exact same rain gauge and placed it in our backyard where I knew Randy would see it through our kitchen bay window. I even taped a big sign with his name on it to make sure he saw it.

Just like his dad, he really enjoys knowing how many inches of rain have fallen by looking at the rain gauge. As luck would have it, we have had lots of rain this summer so he has had lots of use out of it!

Our sons shake their heads and don’t understand the rain gauge thing. I tell them just wait another 30 years and you will!

I love the rain. It’s my favorite weather.  – Kristen Wiig

Do you have a family item that is carried on to the next generation? We would enjoy hearing from you in the Comments section.

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