Purse with Pursonality

For my birthday, my sister-in-law gave me a Betsey Johnson purse. Talk about a Purse with Pursonality! It’s definitely a conversation piece!

Everywhere I go, someone will comment, “Is that a smiley face?” I reply, “Yes, it is!” and we both share a wonderful, big smile that turns into laughter.purse-with-pursonality-betsey-johnson-smiley-face-thoughtful-gift-idea

I’ve never had a purse make me so happy or random strangers! It’s an amazing feeling.

Women for various reasons have a love/hate relationship with their purses. Purses can be too small because many of us carry way to much stuff.

Or too big and we dig around for our ringing cell phone until the caller hangs up! Some purses have too many zippers and you can’t remember which pocket you placed your keys.

Purse With Pursonality

Since I’ve received my purse with pursonality, I’m over any trivial annoyance. It’s funny how things change when you have a different perspective.

purse-with-pursonality-betsey-johnson-telephone-thoughtful-gift-ideaI love Betsey Johnson products because she designs the most unique purses, clothing and jewelry.

My purse has brought me so much joy I wanted to get one for my friend, Janet, who also happens to be my boss’s wife. We’ve been exchanging birthday gifts for 20 years and he is retiring in a few months.

When I saw the Betsey Johnson telephone purse, I knew it would be perfect.

I wrote in her birthday card: Just because your husband, my boss, is retiring doesn’t mean we can’t stay in touch! Call me!

I think it’s safe to say, this is one purse she’ll never forget.

Purses are like friends, you can never have too many!

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