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  • Purse with Pursonality

    Purse with Pursonality

    For my birthday, my sister-in-law gave me a Betsey Johnson purse. Talk about a Purse with Pursonality! It’s definitely a conversation piece! Everywhere I go, someone will comment, “Is that a smiley face?” I reply, “Yes, it is!” and we both share a wonderful, big smile that turns into laughter. I’ve never had a purse […]

  • Monogrammed Duffle Travel Bag

    Monogrammed Duffle Travel Bag

    Over the years, I have received two duffle bags as gifts. A beautiful girly duffle bag monogrammed with my initials and the other is an animal print personalized with Queen Darlene in rhinestones. I love them both! A monogrammed duffle travel bag is a perfect gift for overnight trips or a week long vacation. They […]