Plan A Surprise Party on a Holiday

My husband, Kevin, graduated with this Master’s degree this year. To celebrate such a major accomplishment, I decided to throw him a surprise party.

plan-surprise-party-holidayI schemed with his parents who was hosting the graduation party in their home. After checking with each other, the only date in May that worked with both of our schedules was Mother’s Day. Oh no!

That was my initial reaction. But after thinking about it, I realized there is NO WAY he would see this surprise party coming.

A graduation party on Mother’s Day? Who would do that?!

Planning a surprise party on a holiday provides the perfect cover story.

The Perfect Cover Story

I simply  told Kevin we needed to go to his parents’ house because for a Mother’s Day brunch. He easily believed it. I didn’t need to concoct some elaborate story to get him there.

Do you have people coming from out of town? They can say they’re coming into town for the holiday.

When Kevin’s brother came from out of state, he told Kevin he was in town for Mother’s Day.

Everything worked out perfectly and my husband was completely shocked. He walked into his parents’ kitchen where everyone was huddled together to shout “Surprise!” and he just stood still.

He couldn’t figure out why his friends were there. They were the last people he expected to see in his parent’s home on Mother’s day.

I will say, I’m glad that Kevin’s step-mom had no problem sharing Mother’s Day with him. As a mother myself, I didn’t mind it one bit either. The surprised look on his face was definitely worth it!

Friends and family tend to get together on holidays anyway so consider using it as the perfect cover story to throw a surprise party in someone’s honor.

By the way, Memorial Day would also be another good holiday to throw someone a surprise graduation party! Or 4th of July for someone’s surprise birthday party!

A party like this isn’t about the surprise factor. It’s about someone going to so much trouble that it just… overwhelms you.  – Sophie Kinsella

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