Let Kids Camp Out Inside With Indoor Tent

Kids love camping outdoors but sometimes the weather or temperature just doesn’t cooperate. An indoor tent designed for kids will do the trick!

lets-go-camping-indoor-kids-tent-thoughtful-gift-ideaMy son needed a birthday gift for a four-year old boy. He knew little boys never have enough cars, super heroes and Legos, but he wanted to give something a little more imaginative.

Kids Indoor Tent

Dustin found the cutest indoor tent that would fit perfectly anywhere in the house. It’s perfect for play dates and sleepovers!

The Ozark Trail Kids Camping Tent is designed with pictures of the moon, stars, trees, a camp fire and a sign that says “Let’s Go Camping”.

The 5 ft. x 3 ft. tent also comes in a drawstring bag for easy storage. 

indoor-kids-tent-storage-bag-thoughtful-gift-ideaWhat else do you need when you’re camping? Flashlights, of course!

And what’s better than one flashlight? Two flashlights! One for the birthday boy and one for a friend.

For another great birthday gift for a young child, check out my previous post on kids bed tents. They’re a lot of fun too!

You can find indoor kids tents on Amazon.com or Walmart.

Let the make believe begin!

Fake cooking marshmallows on a stick is a favorite memory of my boys camping indoors.

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