Create Imagination with a Kids Bed Tent

Remember on rainy days when you were a kid making “forts” or “tents” out of blankets draped over furniture?


Fits twin or double size mattress.

My brothers and I had so much fun playing in the dark, using our flashlights, peeking out to see what our mother was doing, imagining we were lost at sea or lost in the wilderness, pretending we were cooking food on a campfire while eating snacks from the refrigerator, and sometimes coloring for hours in our very own hideout!

Children love having their own play space to let their imaginations run wild. But unlike a blanket fort, I have a gift idea that won’t mess up or rearrange your living room!

Encourage imaginative play by giving a child a Kids Bed Tent. They come in sizes that fit a twin or double mattress.

Kids Bed Tents can also be placed on the floor so you can take them anywhere in the house or even outside.

My son received a Kids Bed Tent from his grandparents when he was four years old. As a parent, I thought it was the best gift ever since I could easily convince him to take his afternoon naps inside the tent on his bed!

Kids Bed Tents make the ideal birthday or Christmas gift for the little ones since they stimulate their imaginations for hours and hours both day and night, year after year!

You can purchase Kids Bed Tents from Amazon, Toys R Us or Walmart. They also come in various colors, designs, super heroes, and cartoon characters for girls and boys.

Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you anywhere.  – Albert Einstein

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