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My son and I were shopping at an outdoor mall when he found a piece of “treasure.”

rock-painting-gift-kids-giftHe held it in the palm of his little hand. The look on his excited and eager face said, “Can I keep it?”

He showed me a smooth, round rock painted red with blue polkadots and a large pink heart.

Painted on the back were the words, “Facebook Frogville Rocks #FrogvilleRocks.”

I explained to my son that someone must have wanted him to find the rock and that the person wanted us to visit their Facebook page.

Spread Joy With Rock Painting

I was intrigued myself! We visited the Frogville Rocks Facebook group and this is what it said:

This group was created as a simple way to have fun and share some random acts of kindness by sharing a little piece of artwork. We encourage this random act of kindness through painting rocks and hiding them for others to find.

It’s simple, paint a rock and hide it. Find a rock, keep or hide again. You are encouraged to hide them in safe places where you know people will find them. When you find a rock upload a picture so we know the rock has been found and hashtag #frogvillerocks. You are encouraged to take your kids out to hide painted rocks.

What an awesome thing to do! I agree it’s a random act of kindness because finding that rock was the highlight of my son’s day!

We viewed many photos of people showing off the rocks they had found with the hashtag #frogvillerocks. What was really neat is that the Facebook group is based in Valley Springs, California. That made finding our rock in Oklahoma City that much more awesome!

Within the Facebook group, I posted a photo of my son holding his rock. We’re hoping that the person who left it for us to find at the outdoor mall will see it!

From then on, my son has been begging for us to paint our own rocks for others to find.

His birthday is coming up so I purchased a Rock Painting Kit for his birthday gift. It comes with rocks, paint, brushes, transfer designs and a sponge. Everything you need to get started.

He is going to love it! Plus, rock painting is a fun activity we can do as a whole family!

The Rock Painting Kit also comes with easy designs we can copy. (Yay! Because I’m not super artistic…)

Google and Pinterest also have tons of photos of painted rocks to give you endless ideas for what you can paint.

P.S. There are tons of Facebook groups in different cities and towns similar to Frogville Rocks where people post pictures of the rock they make and hide and pictures of the ones they find within their community. See if there is one in your community!

Paint a rock. Hide a rock. Make someone smile.

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