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  • “You Are a Gem” Air Plant Gift

    “You Are a Gem” Air Plant Gift

    We all know people who are gems because they brighten our lives like a sparkling diamond. Have you let them know lately how much they mean to you? This Air Plant Gift tells them “You Are a Gem” with words and a gift. Air plants get the majority of their nutrients from the air. That […]

  • Rock Painting Kit

    Rock Painting Kit

    My son and I were shopping at an outdoor mall when he found a piece of “treasure.” He held it in the palm of his little hand. The look on his excited and eager face said, “Can I keep it?” He showed me a smooth, round rock painted red with blue polkadots and a large […]

  • Rock of Comfort | Condolence Gift

    Rock of Comfort | Condolence Gift

    We feel loved when we are comforted. I received a coin purse as a condolence gift with a note that said, “To carry your mother’s memories.” That’s been almost four years ago and I still feel the comfort of my mother’s memories when I open my coin purse. When my co-worker’s mother passed away, I […]