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We feel loved when we are comforted.

rock-of-comfort-saying-thoughtful-gift-ideaI received a coin purse as a condolence gift with a note that said, “To carry your mother’s memories.”

That’s been almost four years ago and I still feel the comfort of my mother’s memories when I open my coin purse.

When my co-worker’s mother passed away, I wanted him to hold something that would give him the same comfort I felt with my coin purse.

There was the challenge of what to give a guy. Then I remembered another gift I received that I carry in my coin purse.cross-on-stone-condolence-thoughtful-gift-ideaIt is a small smooth stone with a cross drawn by a permanent marker. Every time I see the stone it’s a simple message through my Christian faith, my mother and I will see each other again.

The stone gave me an idea. I would give him a small personalized rock to carry.

While attending the funeral of his mother, I heard the pastor and others tell stories of her beautiful life and many quoted her favorite saying, “Just Be.” I decided to etch those same words onto a stone instead of using a marker. 

I wrote in the card:

Your mother’s faith in Jesus as her Rock was evident by the stories told during her service. So I hope when you reach for your pocket change, that the touch of the rock will give you comfort and sweet memories.

To create this precious gift, all you need is a Dremel electric engraver and a small, smooth river pebble.

These items can be purchased at a hobby store or on It’s not difficult but I do suggest practicing on a few stones.

For other ideas, you can etch MOM, DAD, SISTER, BROTHER, FAITH or LOVE.

Giving a condolence gift is sharing your love, hugs and ultimately comfort.

When you lose someone you love, you gain an angel you know.  – Unknown

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