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Don’t know what to say or do when friends and family are going through long serious illnesses, injury, or loss of loved ones? Wrap them in hugs, love and healing wishes by sending a BlankieGram.

blankiegrams-hugs-love-caring-thoughtful-gift-ideaBlankieGrams are soft cozy blankets printed with loving and supportive words to describe how much you care and that you are thinking of them.

Words like hugs, bear hugs, strength, lots of hugs, healing wishes, good thoughts and positive attitude.

I love the idea of wrapping them up in a warm blanket, like a hug, especially if you cannot be there.

I experienced this first-hand as our sister-in-law made a blanket for my brother during his lengthy stay in the hospital. It featured his favorite basketball team logo – the Oklahoma City Thunder!

He loved her thoughtful gift and wrapped up in the warmth of the blanket every single day.

blankiegram-get-well-healing-wishes-thoughtful-gift-ideaSo for people like me who do not sew, the BlankieGrams are a perfect way to send messages of encouragement, love and warmth. These beautiful, soft blankets come in two styles – a get well gift and a caring gift.

Send the caring blanket to a grandchild, family member or friend so they can have a hug when you’re not around.

For every blanket purchased from, the company donates a blanket to charity. This gift really does make people feel good inside and out!

A hug like laughter is medicine for the body!

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