Kleenex Tissue Flower Bouquet for a Sick Friend

Flower vases – we have them stashed everywhere in our kitchen just taking up space. We occasionally – more like never – use them for flowers but mostly they sit hidden with no future and collecting dust!

Here’s a gift idea for your round or square vases. Colorful vases work really well. For plain clear vases, I like to bedazzle them with rhinestones!Kleenex.flower.bouquet.gift.idea.sunburst.gifts

Use your imagination when decorating. Try all one color or multicolor. Create a heart shape or place them at random. Rhinestones and glue are all you need. It’s easy peasy as Princess Diana likes to say!

Purchase facial tissues in the small square box, pull them out all at once, and place them in the glass vase. Take a single tissue from the center and pull it up. The tissues are also available in different colors too!

Viola! A Kleenex tissue flower bouquet in a beautiful container!

The glass vases are original, decorative and much more attractive than the cardboard box the Kleenex came in. If you like to give practical gifts, this is for you. It’s also refillable!

Give this get well gift to a sick friend along with some chicken soup to cheer him or her up.

Everything can be reused except for Kleenex!




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