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Everyone likes to see their name in print. From children to grown adults. It makes us feel special when we become the star of a book. It turns an ordinary book into a keepsake.

I personalized a book for my son Aiden that tells the story that my love for him is forever and unconditional. It’s like what we say in my family, “I will love you for eternity +1.”

Personalized Custom Book Gift IdeaMy favorite part of the book reads:

I love you as BIG
as a great lion’s roar,
and as deep as the ocean,
I love you much more.

And I love the message this sends about loving him even when he has misbehaved.

I love you when you’re nice,
and when you’re cranky too.
I love you without liking
the naughty things you do.

With his new book, Aiden, I Love You So… I was able to add his name to the cover, dedicate the book to him on the inside page, and add his name throughout the book. Aiden loves hearing me say his name when I read him the book. I know it will be a book he will treasure during his childhood and even when he is grown.

You can make a child be the star of a Bible story or a Sesame Street book. These days you can even do personalized ebooks. For adults, did you know you can make someone the star of a romance novel? Ooh la la! There are so many possibilities with this gift idea!

Personalized Custom Book Gift Idea


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  1. Susan Hale

    I love this. I have done this for both of my granddaughters and they absolutely love reading a book about them.

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