Say It With Donuts

I donut know about you, but I love this gift idea!



It’s a cute, fun and non-traditional way to celebrate, appreciate or congratulate a person or group! I’m talking about donuts in the shapes of letters so they spell out a message – whatever you want to say.

This edible gift idea is really popular with kids on their birthdays. I love that different words can be decorated to look totally different. Who knew donuts could be so fancy!


You could even surprise them with the box of donuts at school so they can share the donuts with the whole class. Kids will remember Custom Message Donuts over cupcakes any day. And your child holding the big box of donuts will make for such a cute picture!

Adults would love these too. Imagine their face when they find a big box on their desk at work and open it to see what’s inside. It’s only morning and you’ve already made their day! How very thoughtful of you.

Ways to Give Custom Message Donuts

  • custom-message-donuts-doughnuts-giftBirthdays
  • Funny Message (Ex. You Da Bomb!)
  • Party Dessert (instead of cake, cupcakes or dessert)
  • Teacher Gifts
  • Good Luck (Ex. test or competition)
  • Congratulations
  • Thank you
  • custom-message-donuts-doughnuts-giftTreat for a Group (Ex. team or office)
  • Get Well
  • Ask a Question (Ex. Go To Prom With Me? or Want to Move In?)
  • Valentine’s Day (Ex. You Complete Me)

I really think one of the best ways to use this gift idea is on a day that’s not the person’s birthday or a holiday. Your edible message could ready “I Miss You” if you’re out of town or “Kick Butt Today” if they have a big presentation.

You donut know how much I love donuts.

What message would you say with donuts? Share in the comments below!

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