Make a Splash With a Mermaid Tail Blanket

Most girls and women I know love to snuggle under a warm blanket on the couch to watch a movie, favorite TV show, or if like me, a Thunder game.

mermaid-tail-blanket-thoughtful-gift-ideaInstead of the usual boring blanket, make a beautiful splash with a mermaid tail blanket!

When I came across Mermaid Tail Blankets, I immediately thought of my cold-natured sister-in-law because she always has a blanket laying on a chair ready for use when watching TV.

I knew she would have fin (I mean fun) covering up under a mermaid tail blanket so I ordered one for her birthday.

If I had granddaughters, the mermaid blankets would definitely go under the Christmas tree!

I don’t care how old you are, it’s fun to give and receive a quirky gift that brings joy and a mermaid tail blanket definitely is one!

My favorite mermaid of all time is Daryl Hannah in the 1984 movie Splash. I’ve always had skinny, white chicken legs and the thought of having a beautiful shimmering tail seemed flattering. Oh, what dreams are made of!

Mermaid blankets are available in children and adult sizes. There are hundreds of colors, fabrics and designs in various price ranges. You can also find them on Pinterest and Etsy.

For that thoughtful twist, a mermaid tail blanket would make a fantastic and memorable feel-better-soon-get-well gift!

Of course, my favorite mermaid tail blanket is this crocheted purple/turquoise colored one with sequins. Anyone who knows me, knows bling is my thing!

Rainbows and mermaids are proof that imagination and beauty go hand and hand.  – Brandi Fitzgerald

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