Turn Favorite Photos Into Custom Jigsaw Puzzles

Did you know you can turn your favorite photo into a custom jigsaw puzzle?


Custom jigsaw puzzles can be ordered in many different sizes and level of difficulty. Order one the size of a postcard or choose a giant floor puzzle.

You can also purchase them with less than 10 puzzle pieces or more than 1,000!

Both children and adults would enjoy putting a custom jigsaw puzzle together, which makes it a very versatile gift.

My son, Aiden, enjoys putting together puzzles so I ordered a custom photo jigsaw puzzle using one of my favorite pictures of him. (Kids love seeing pictures of themselves!)

It shows him standing in our front yard flowerbed, smiling, and with one hand casually tucked inside his shorts pocket. Brightly colored flowers in full bloom surround him. It’s a snapshot in time I want to always remember.

I ordered a custom wooden puzzle since they’re more durable for young kids than cardboard puzzles.

I couldn’t wait to give Aiden his gift. He had no clue what his new puzzle would reveal. He squealed when a little more than halfway through the puzzle he realized it was a photo of himself.

We have many puzzles in our home but none are so unique as that custom photo jigsaw puzzle.

Custom Photo Jigsaw Puzzle Gift Ideas
  • Family photo (Family gift)
  • Wedding photo (Anniversary gift)
  • Favorite vacation photo (Romantic gift)
  • Childhood home photo (Nostalgic gift)
  • Yearbook photo (Nostalgic gift)
  • Portrait (Birthday gift)
  • College campus photo (Birthday or Christmas gift)
  • Team or group photo (Birthday or Retirement Gift)
  • Photo of gift or experience (Surprise gift)
    Ex. Photo of a beach reveals the gift of a beach vacation

Many websites sell custom photo jigsaw puzzles, but two of my favorites are Printerpix.com and Shutterfly.com.

It’s always the small pieces that make the big picture.  – Unknown

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