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My dearest friend, Janiece, celebrated her 43rd wedding anniversary by coming up with a list of 43 things she loved about her husband, Bryan. He’s a sentimental guy so this was a perfect anniversary gift.

He even wrote about it on Facebook and said, “Cards sometimes don’t convey what you want to say but Janiece sent this to me this morning.  Means much more than any card she could have gotten.”

Here is what Janiece wrote to Bryan.

43  things about our life together that make me happy that I’ve been married to you for 43 years:

Bryan & Janiece

Bryan & Janiece

1. How you asked me on our first date to double date with your mom
2. When you asked me to prom
3. How awesome you were when you found out you were going to be a daddy
4. How hard you worked to make a living for the three of us
5. That you loved my parents
6. The homes you’ve built for us….strong and steady just like you
7. The home you built for my parents….they loved that house so much
8. That you never complain about my cookin’
9. The commitment to family vacations to hold us together
10. Supporting my business career. If not for you I would not have even tried.
11. I love your hair… don’t ever go bald again
12. Your strong shoulders and gentle hands and your good kisses
13. I even love that you do your own laundry
14. And you let me have my own bathroom

15. I love you being my sound tech, roadie and supporter for my  hobby
16. I love that you are not loud and obnoxious but intuitive and thoughtfulanniversary-gift-list-of-things-I-love-about-you-sunburst-gifts
17. I love when you cook meatloaf and beans
18. I love our adventures of travel
19. I love that you are the protector of our pictures and memories
20. How you smell after your shower and
21. The smell of old spice
22. That you like pickup trucks
23. I love that you love dogs too
24. How you’ve been such a good father and example to Brady
25. That you sometimes cry a little at some movies when you think I don’t notice… dogs, horses
26. That you gave up the dreams of your youth for us
27. When you tell me you are proud of me it makes me happy
28. When you tell me I look nice it makes me feel pretty
29. When you tell me you are sorry…
30. I love when you take me four wheeling in the woods
31. I love that you are building the deck!
32. I love that you are so smart that you can fix anything that’s broken… almost
33. That when something does break you don’t lose your temper
34. That you don’t hold a grudge against people
35. I loved it when you got baptized… I felt safe
36. That you are the captain of our boat… Captain Bryan
37. I love the ring you gave me three years ago. I cherish that.
38. I even love that you pretend to listen to me even when you want to sleep
39. I love that you’ve made so many good decisions about our finances. It’s paid off in spite of some hard times.
40. I love that you got us a motorcycle and that we get to experience so many awesome adventures
41. I love that you continue to choose ME
42. That you kiss me goodnight
43. That you’ve loved me for all these years.

I could come up with 40 more !

You buy everything you want (including the Pelican which I was planning to get for you) so I decided to give this list to you of all the things I love about you. I love you more than you can ever know. You are my heartbeat. I’ve entrusted you with my heart so remember to take care of it.

It’s the simple things from the heart that mean the most. Make your list and you do not have to wait for an anniversary to tell your sweetheart all the many ways how much you love them!

A wedding anniversary is the celebration of love, trust, partnership, tolerance and tenacity. The order varies for any given year.  – Paul Sweeney

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