For the Home Brewer – Personalized Beer Bottle Caps

My father-in-law Greg began brewing homemade beer a few years ago – and man! – has our family enjoyed the benefits! While he’s brewed all sorts of kits, types and flavors, my favorite is still the batch of peach ale he specially made for my wedding rehearsal dinner.

home brewer personalized beer bottle caps gift ideaLast year, my husband Kevin started brewing beer with his father. It gave them a fun way to spend father-son quality time together. They have fun making it together. They have fun drinking it together.

They also enjoy brewing different types of beer and sharing the fruits of their labor with friends and family. Each batch yields about 50 bottles so there is plenty to share!

Well, I thought it was high time Kevin proudly branded his homemade beer. I went online and ordered him some personalized beer bottle caps with “JAEGER BREW” emblazoned on them in bold letters.

I have a feeling he’ll feel an even greater sense of pride in his beer brewing skills the next time he pops off the shiny red and white cap of a JAEGER BREW or gives away some of  his bottles of hand-crafted beer to a friend.

Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.  – Benjamin Franklin

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