POP the Question Wedding Proposal Idea

Survey says….six million people are planning or expecting a marriage proposal for Valentine’s Day. Ohhh…..the pressure of how to propose? Ask the love of your life to marry you in grandiose style? Or just pop the question?!

Pop-the-Question-Wedding-Proposal-Gift-Idea-Sunburst-GiftsEvery girl has the “dream” of how the proposal will happen and it is never what we expect when it does. My husband, Randy, and I had many talks about getting married one day. We even looked at rings at the mall jewelry stores where I showed him my favorite.

But we were broke! Randy had one more year of college. I was graduating high school and planning to attend the same college. So I was not expecting a ring any time soon.

One evening we were visiting (or “hanging out” as the kids call it these days) in the home of my future in-laws when Randy entered the room munching out of a box of Cracker Jacks. Now this was back when you actually got really good prizes. I found the prize package, opened it, and was completely stunned. There it was – my favorite ring! What? Huh? How did it get there?

I was beyond shocked and beyond surprised!

I’ve told that story a zillion times and I have never – not once – heard of anyone else with the same proposal. So for me, it was perfect. As I have said before, I love surprises given in unique ways.

Today, there are as many different ways to propose as sand on the beach, but I have a unique wedding proposal idea for your future bride so she can tell the story for years to come and never hear of someone else having the same experience.

Get a decorative box that has an attached lid that will perfectly fit a blown up balloon. Write or type a note that says “POP ME” and attach it to the inside of the lid. Push a stick pin into the lid so she can use it to pop the balloon. Place the engagement ring inside a blown up balloon and put it inside the box. Close the lid and wrap the box in beautiful paper. Present it to her as a surprise gift and ask her to follow the instructions.

Pop the question when she pops the balloon and sees her beautiful engagement ring.

I’m telling you, she will tell the story of her wedding proposal a zillion times too!

You can also use the “POP ME” gift idea for birthdays, anniversaries, Christmases, and graduations. No matter what the occasion, it is a fun way to present a small sized gift!

My most brilliant achievement was my ability to be able to persuade my wife to marry me. – Winston Churchill



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