Hunger Games Inspired Wedding Anniversary Surprise

My friends Desi and Peyton love a good adventure. It’s no coincidence I first met them at a “Dirty 30” mud obstacle 5K race, and I’ve borrowed their snowboarding helmets. They not only love that kind of thing but they love experiencing it TOGETHER.

toy gun and toy bow and arrow leaving up against front doorThey also love The Hunger Games and Peyton used their shared interest to surprise Desi on the night of their third wedding anniversary.

Desi came home to find a letter taped to her front door and two weapons – a gun and a bow and arrow – leaning up against it.

(No, the gun and bow and arrow weren’t real. I was just trying to be dramatic. Gotcha!)

The letter read:

Happy Anniversary. This has been the happiest three years of my life and it is all thanks to you. I love your adventurous spirit, and in that vein let the games begin.

In the letter, Peyton explained the rules. She needs to choose her weapon because the other one would become his weapon. She receives three hearts, and every time she gets hit, he takes a heart. Her goal is to find the three roses hidden in their house without getting hit more than three times. If she succeeds, she receives a surprise. If she fails, she has to cook one of his favorite dishes for him.

typed up letter taped to front door of housePeyton ended his letter with:

May the odds be ever in your favor my little Katniss.

You are my one and only love,

Peyton Keith

Without hesitation, Desi picked up the gun and ran around the side of her house to the backyard where she caught Peyton hiding! Sadly, she missed him on her first shot. She chased him and went all Katniss Everdeen on him as they chased each other inside and outside the house.

Young woman holding up Nerf toy guyn.

Desi holds up her weapon of choice.

Desi successfully found the three roses on the kitchen table, on the air conditioner outside, and on the game table in the man cave.

“I ended up winning, but I still made dinner, just because I like cooking for him!” Desi said.

A truly win-win wedding anniversary celebration!

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