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On my 50th birthday, my dear friend, Susan, gave me 50 pennies all made in 1952 – my birth year!

Heart-box-with-pennies-gift-idea-sunburst-giftsThe pennies came in a small heart box. I cherish that gift because it was so unique and thoughtful.

I have used the penny idea many times for birthdays and anniversaries. I use the pennies on significant birthday years such as 30 – 40 – 50 – 60 year old and up.

By the time a couple has been married for 50 years or more, what can you give that they do not already have or that is unique? Fifty pennies from the year of their wedding placed in a heart box is a for-sure-keepsake gift! Especially seeing and remembering those wheat pennies! They bring back the memories of simpler times.


The local coin shop knows me as the “Penny Lady” because I call them so often. The cost depends upon the age of the penny. The most I have paid was ten cents each for 80 pennies from 1928.

You can find all kinds of pretty containers for the pennies. You may be surprised that you have something you can use from home that would give a sentimental thoughtful twist to your special gift.

The price is right and I guarantee they will not receive a gift like it.

Family and friends are worth every penny!


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  1. Hi
    My dad is turning 75 this year. I would like to give him a penny for each year of his life. Can I purchase the pennies from you?
    Thank you

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