Custom Personalized Name Ring | Mother’s Day Gift Idea

Coming up will be my second Mother’s Day. My son will be 19 months old, and I just love him more and more with each month that passes. (I’m surprised my heart hasn’t burst out of my chest yet!) I wanted a piece of jewelry with his first name – Aiden – and middle name – Dragen – (he was born in 2012 the Year of the Dragon) and decided on a ring so that every time I looked at my hands, this ring and my wedding ring would remind me of the two most important people in my life.

personalized name ringI found a store on that makes custom personalized name rings but what made them stand out is that you get to pick out the font! With so many stylized fonts in existence, a person’s name can look like a beautiful custom piece of art.

You can also choose a font style that best fits the personality of the mother. A script or cursive font might be better for one mother while a retro or handwritten font might be the better choice for another. My favorite font website is because they have a wide variety of font styles. You can also type in names or words and see what they will look like in a certain font.

By selecting what goes on the ring, the metal the ring is made of, and the font, you can tell someone you custom designed the ring for them!

Here are some other ways personalized name rings can be given as gifts to mothers and even grandmothers:

  • personalized name ringIf a mother has two children, both names can be on the ring
  • Place each child’s name on stackable rings
  • Give a name ring to an expectant mother at the baby shower or at the baby’s birth
  • Use nicknames or initials instead of birth names
  • Birthstones can be added to each ring
  • Birth dates can be added to each ring

Besides a name ring, you can also design an engraved ring with a custom message such as, “I love you more.”

Mothers and their children are in a category all their own. There’s no bond so strong in the entire world. No love so instantaneous and forgiving.  – Gail Tsukiyama, Dreaming Water

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