Bug-A-Salt | Insect Eradication Gun

“I love flies landing on my food,” said No One Ever!

The Bug-A-Salt is a pump action gun that shoots a shotgun spray of ordinary table salt to decimate flies on contact.

Bug-A-Salt is Non-ToxicBug-A-Salt-2-0-thoughtful-gift-idea swatter!

Did you catch the play on words? A-Salt. Assault. Love it!

No more backyard BBQs with yucky flies buzzing around!

It’s a surefire fun way to enjoy a disgusting task and get rid of pests while having a blast doing it. Don’t worry it’s a lot easier to clean up a little bit of salt compared to smeared fly guts on countertops and walls.

The Bug-A-Salt is effective, and they make for fun gifts for older teenagers and adults. Grownups act like goofy kids annihilating their enemies.

Word of caution, this is not a toy for young children.

There is also a Lawn and Garden version that shoots a larger load of salt to combat pesky pests in the great outdoors. Bug-A-Salt even issues an official warning: ONE PUMP AND IT’S OVER!

I love the clever names and color of their products: Pest Eradictr (yellow and green), Bug-A-Salt Camofly (camouflage green) and a limited edition, Passion Assassin (camouflage pink). 

The Bug-A-Salt is also perfect for family and friends who love to camp. Really, you should never leave home without one!

When I was young, I would catch lightning bugs (the only bug I liked), place them on my ring finger, and make believe they were diamonds. 

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