3-D Mirascope Hologram Maker

I’m always looking for a unique, fun gifts for kids and adults to enjoy. It’s like one-stop shopping and if it includes magic or illusion… BAM! I get excited!

The 3-D Mirascope Illusion Maker is a 2019 Toy of The Year Award Winner. It creates a holographic image from small objects placed inside, such as the plastic frog that is included.


How Does the 3-D Mirascope Hologram Work?

The 3-D illusion maker uses special parabola mirrors to capture the light of an object and then projects it as a three-dimensional image.

The frog seems to be sitting on the top of the dome and looks like you can touch it but you can’t. It’s an illusion!

Ever heard of parabola? Me neither! They are mirrors that have a special shape and reflect light in a very unique way.

This cool STEM gift works with any small object – marbles, flowers, miniature toys, buttons, rings, coins, and small bugs. Looking at a rolly polly would be fun to see!

Any object can be changed easily for a variety of incredible effects. Perfect for magic shows, school projects or science fairs.

Seriously, this would have been a whole lot more interesting than the poster board I designed in 6th grade science class of how chlorophyll works in photosynthesis. Boring!

Imagine the fun conversations at family get-togethers or with co-workers at the office with The 3-D Mirascope Illusion Maker.

An easy peasy way to put smiles on everyone’s faces!

I gave one to Aiden and Axl, Princess Diana’s boys. All three of us had lots of mesmerizing fun trying to touch the hologram of a frog, LEGOs, a penny and small car. It looked so real and magical. I can still hear them giggling!

I think it would make a terrific teacher’s gift too because it’s unique and an opportunity to explain the science of how optical illusions create 3-D holograms.

It’s still magic even though you know how it’s done. – Terry Pratchett

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