“A Soldier’s Silent Prayer” | A Book for Veterans Day

I read my friend and author Sherry Kast’s first biography “A Soldier’s Silent Prayer” about Muscogee (Creek) Nation national treasure and honored WWII veteran Phillip W. Coon.

Soldier's-Silent-Prayer- Veterans-thoughtful-gift-ideaI found it to be a quick read and fascinating book. It’s an amazing story of Mr. Coon’s incredible journey – one that took him from a small Indian community in Oklahoma in the 1920s to the world stage as the United States declared war against Germany and Japan in December 1941. Can you imagine?

This veteran’s survival story is a tale of tragedy and triumph as he overcame insurmountable odds to survive the Bataan Death March in the Philippines and 3.5 years as a prisoner of war of the Japanese during WWII.

“I didn’t make it,” Phillip said. “I was caught on the trail with about 75 other soldiers heading for the mountains.”

“I was captured.”

“The Japanese didn’t treat me any different because I was Native American. Didn’t matter. As long as we were under the American flag, we were still their enemy.”

Soldier's-Silent-Prayer-book-thoughtful-gift-ideaHe draws upon his Native American heritage, remembering the teachings of his ancestors to help him survive.

“A Soldier’s Silent Prayer” is about ultimate forgiveness and faith as Mr. Coon forgives an enemy who stole his youth 70 years ago.

I still marvel when I read or hear stories about the men and women of the Greatest Generation that ever lived (the Baby Boomers’ parents) and their sacrifices during WWII. They truly were the inspiration and backbone of America.

As Veterans Day approaches, remember and honor our veterans. If you are looking to give a gift, this is a amazing and interesting book of a Native American hero with roots in Oklahoma.

I’m so proud of my friend, Sherry, for using her talents to write about such an incredible man and his survival story. His story is not one to miss.

You can find a copy of “A Soldier’s Silent Prayer” on Amazon.com or order through Kast Publishing, LLC by contacting Sherry@KastPublishing.com.

Honoring Veterans Day – Thank you for serving our country and protecting our freedoms. God bless each and every one!

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