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  • Bug-A-Salt | Insect Eradication Gun

    Bug-A-Salt | Insect Eradication Gun

    “I love flies landing on my food,” said No One Ever! The Bug-A-Salt is a pump action gun that shoots a shotgun spray of ordinary table salt to decimate flies on contact. Bug-A-Salt is Non-Toxic swatter! Did you catch the play on words? A-Salt. Assault. Love it! No more backyard BBQs with yucky flies buzzing […]

  • Inflatable Solar Powered Lanterns

    Inflatable Solar Powered Lanterns

    My inflatable solar powered lanterns give better light than my battery operated ones. And they’re not even expensive. A friend brought hers on a camping canoe trip, and I wanted my own immediately. I now own two! Eco-Friendly Design During the day, my friend carried it on the outside of her pack to let it […]

  • Sun Protection UPF Clothing

    Sun Protection UPF Clothing

    To celebrate my husband’s 67th birthday (oh my, I can remember when he turned 17), we took a vacation to Big Cedar Lodge and Table Rock Lake in Missouri for a fishing trip. On our trip, we visited the granddaddy of all outdoor stores – Bass Pro Shop in Springfield, Missouri. Did you know it’s […]

  • S’mores Kit for Camping

    S’mores Kit for Camping

    It’s funny how your birthday plans change as you grow older. Instead of a fun night out on the town, this year I wanted to celebrate my birthday by going camping outdoors with my husband and son. We’ve only taken my son camping once before and I was excited to continue want I wanted to […]

  • Give the Life-Changing Gift of a Summer Camp Experience

    Give the Life-Changing Gift of a Summer Camp Experience

    Every kid who goes to summer camp always comes back with stories to tell. At summer camp you do things you never get to do at home or at school, and it feels like one big slumber party at night! Everyone makes new friends and bonds from doing all sorts of fun activities together. I […]