Give the Life-Changing Gift of a Summer Camp Experience

Every kid who goes to summer camp always comes back with stories to tell.

summer-camp-experience2-thoughtful-giftAt summer camp you do things you never get to do at home or at school, and it feels like one big slumber party at night! Everyone makes new friends and bonds from doing all sorts of fun activities together.

I treasure my summer camp memories of sitting around the campfire making s’mores, dressing head to toe in black to play Capture the Flag in complete darkness, and exploring the woods to see what I might discover whether it was a cave or a secret wigwam!

Going to summer camp is a life-changing experience that creates life-long memories.

I went to the traditional summer camp that provides first-hand encounters with nature but there are all sorts of summer camps that tailor to specific interests. There are sports camps, drama camps, leadership camps, band camps, church camps, academic camps, arts camps, and the list goes on!

What they all have in common is how they shape the characters and boost the self-esteem of children by exposing them to experiential education that allows them to learn by doing.

summer-camp-experience2-thoughtful-giftAccording to Psychology Today, summer camps also make kids resilient by exposing them to new challenges, such as how to build a campfire and how to get along with a new group of peers, that develop their coping skills.

I know I came home a much more independent person after my time away at summer camp.

We all want to see children having fun. That’s why toys were invented. But if you want to see a child mature and develop while they’re having fun, pay for all or part of their tuition to a day camp or resident camp.

A child who receives the life-changing gift of a summer camp experience will come home with their own summer camp stories they’ll take with them into adulthood. Now that’s a gift worth giving!

(Campers) get to be little grown-ups- and, in the process, they actually do some growing up.  – Michael Eisner, former Disney CEO

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