Home State Friendship Bracelet Gift Idea

For a unique gift, use your home state for a memorable friendship bracelet.

home-state-friendship-bracelet-thoughtful-gift-ideaI’ve kept in touch with wonderful girlfriends I met while living out of state and friends who have moved away and live all across the country. Several of us have been exchanging birthday or Christmas gifts for 50+ years!

Our gifts are not expensive. Some are handmade crafts, homemade baked goods or something that reminds us of each other.

Through the years, we’ve exchanged gifts by mail or when friends have returned to visit family in our home state of Oklahoma.

My girlfriends and I all love to wear bracelets. My mission: Find just the right bracelet for each friend.

I came across designs of Oklahoma bracelets. That’s when the thoughtful twist came to mind, and I decided to give each of my girlfriends an Oklahoma bracelet.

oklahoma-heart-friendship-bracelet-thoughtful-gift-ideaTo each one, I said: “When you wear the bracelet, think of me and know I forever cherish our friendship. We may be miles apart but you are never far away from my heart!”

As a side note, home state friendship bracelets make great conversation pieces when someone is asked why they are wearing a different state than where they live.

I searched Oklahoma bracelets on Etsy.com and found so many amazing artist designs. I had lots of favorites and sent a different one to each girlfriend. There are Oklahoma bracelets galore to choose from on Amazon.com too. Pinterest gives tons of great ideas if you want to make your own.

These days Facebook, cell phones, texting, and emails make it easier to stay in touch but the opening of a thoughtful gift connects friendships no matter how far the distance between them.

Friends on earth are as close to heaven’s angels we get to experience.


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